3-5 July 2023

The rapid growth of digital media has profoundly impacted Muslim societies and the study of Islam. One significant outcome is the emergence of digital humanities, which employs computational and technological methods to conduct research in the humanities. In the field of Islamic studies, digital technology has facilitated the digitization of Islamic texts, enhancing their accessibility and enabling extensive analysis. For example, the availability of big data on Islamic texts has allowed scholars to analyze semantic shifts in Islamic literary history over long periods, a task previously challenging with traditional methods. These developments demonstrate the transformative potential of digital technologies for uncovering new areas of research in Islamic studies and related fields.

Welcome to the Second Annual Masterclass on Practical Training in Digital Islamic Studies, a unique event designed to explore the practice of researching Islam in the digital era. Hosted by the Center of Islam and Global Challenges (IGC) at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), this program aims to provide participants with practical guidance on conducting digital humanities research. Esteemed experts in the field will deliver a series of lectures spanning three days, delving into various topics, including an introduction to machine learning using Python. By offering valuable insights and equipping scholars with essential skills and knowledge, our primary objective is to enable YOU to embrace the future trajectory of researching Islam and the humanities in the digital age

Courses’ Instructors

Dr. Emad Mohammad

An Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at the Bradford School of Management, possesses expertise in various areas such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Cultural Analytics, and Digital Humanities. His contributions in these fields have been acknowledged through substantial grants, and he currently serves as the managing editor of the Journal of Digital Islamicate Research published by Brill.

Dr. Yusuf Celik

An Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, specialises in Digital Humanities and Islam. He has extensive experience in the field of digital humanities, having worked on various projects, papers, tools, and datasets. His current research focuses on a range of digital topics, including intertextuality, digital hadith scholarship, and comparative semitic studies. He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Digital Islamicate Research and an associated editor at Wiley’s Future Humanities.

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