The Faculty of Islamic Studies of the Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) organized the Writing Camp 2023 on May 26-28, 2023, aimed at supporting its students to enhance their thesis writing abilities.

Exclusive for its fourth-semester MA students, the camp served as a platform for them to engage with respected scholars, exchange ideas, and receive valuable guidance as they worked towards completing their research within the given time constraints.

The event featured esteemed experts including Dr. Zezen Zaenal Mutaqin who offered valuable guidance on thesis writing, as well as Dr. Aria Nakissa who provided further insights and perspectives on academic research in Islamic studies.

The program also highlighted the thesis writing guidelines delivered by Dr. Haula Noor who also trained the students on practicing the Pomodoro technique to enhance students’ productivity and time management skills. The Consultation sessions were also given, allowing students to seek advice and clarification from their supervisors.

The writing sessions played a crucial role in the program, offering dedicated time for students to work on their thesis. These sessions were interspersed with meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring participants had the necessary sustenance to remain focused and productive.

The camp also included sharing sessions led by two fellow researchers, Waseem Naser and Fahmi Ali Hudaefi, providing opportunities for participants to learn from their peers and gain inspiration from their experiences. 

Also, Prof. Noorhaidi Hassan, the dean of the faculty, delivered a speech, to encourage the participants with, again, some guidelines in writing thesis.

Alongside the main objective of enhancing students’ writing skills, the camp incorporated enjoyable activities like board games and a lively karaoke party. These recreational elements provided participants with opportunities to relax, bond, and have fun, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating a well-rounded experience. 

Dr. Bhirawa Anoraga, the Secretary of the Master’s Program and lecturer at the faculty, explained that the UIII Writing Camp 2023 desired to empower the students to produce high-quality thesis. It was also a platform for students to receive directives, share ideas, and gain inspiration. It underscored the importance of thesis writing and the commitment of the faculty to supporting academic excellence.

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