The inauguration of the dual Master’s degree program with the University of Edinburgh marked a significant milestone for both institutions. Following the successful implementation of the “The Edinburgh-UIII Postgraduate Dual Degree Partnership on Islam and the Globalized Muslim World” program, which received funding from the British Council’s Going Global Partnerships Program for 2022 and 2023, key representatives from UIII embarked on a visit to the University of Edinburgh.

Going Global Partnerships supports universities, colleges and wider education sectors around the world to work together towards stronger, more inclusive, more internationally connected higher education, science and TVET. This leads to stronger higher education, research and TVET systems around the world that can support fairer social and economic growth and address national and global challenges – all backed up by mutually beneficial international relationships.

The Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Prof. Noorhaidi Hasan, was accompanied by two lecturers, Dr. Yanwar Pribadi, the Secretary of the Faculty, and Dr. Zezen Zaenal Mutaqin, the Head of the Master’s Study Program in Islamic Studies, during their visit on May 18, 2023, to solidify this partnership at the University of Edinburgh.

The meeting held at the University of Edinburgh brought together representatives from the Prince Alwaleed Center for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World, the University of Edinburgh, including Tom Lea, Dr. Siti Sarah Muwahidah, and Dr. Khouloud Ajarma, as well as representatives from the University of Edinburgh and the British Council. Prof. Noorhaidi Hasan, in his statement, emphasized, “We have now launched the five-year master’s dual degree program between UIII and the University of Edinburgh.”

Key agreements and details emerged during the meeting, such as the annual sending of up to 20 fully funded students from UIII to the University of Edinburgh. This comprehensive and integrated program entails one year of study at UIII and another year at the University of Edinburgh. 

Dr. Mutaqin emphasized that the program’s requirements, particularly English language proficiency, must meet Edinburgh’s standards. Participants in the program will spend one year in Depok and one year in Edinburgh. They will earn two degrees: an MSc in the Globalized Muslim World from the University of Edinburgh and an MA degree in Islamic Studies from UIII, which entails the completion of one thesis under a joint supervisory between UIII and the University of Edinburgh.

The expansion of the program to be a full-fledged dual-degree program is possible thanks to the full support of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs through their Beasiswa Indonesia Bangkit initiative. “The Ministry of Religion’s support goes beyond financial assistance. Their provision of this scholarship showcases their commitment to UIII’s success,” stated Dr. Pribadi. “We have numerous opportunities to expedite UIII’s global recognition, and the enthusiasm within the global academic community for UIII is quite remarkable,” he added.

The official launch event in Edinburgh was witnessed by the presence of the Director-General of Islamic Education from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, S.TP., M.T.; the Director of Islamic Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zainul Hamdi, M.A.g.; and the Head of Sub-Directorate of Academic Development, Dr. Abdullah Faqih, M.A., M.Ed. Their presence further highlights the unwavering support and dedication of the Ministry in their endeavors to advance Islamic higher education in Indonesia. The prospects for UIII’s rapid progress and international acclaim seem promising as this partnership opens doors to a world of opportunities.If you are interested in applying, the application is now open through You must register to get an account and log in to your account. You must complete your personal data and the requirements requested before choosing the dual degree program UIII-the University of Edinburgh.

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