Maysa Sonia Alam Rahman

My name is Maysa Sonia from Indonesia. I graduated from Imam Nafie’ Institute of Morocco in 2019 and am now continuing my studies at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, UIII. Although Islamic studies have long been the focus of my career, being able to study Islam at UIII provided a somewhat new experience. UIII offers a diverse range of literature, which helps avoid the emergence of bias or fanatical opinions. The variety of courses on offer serve as proof that UIII provides a balance between classical and contemporary knowledge. This has helped me greatly in broadening my understanding of Islam. I am also especially grateful as some lecturers deliver subjects in the Arabic language, making me feel so much more at home than I have at any educational institute before.
I dream of being a diplomat one day, so, having unique training in Islam from different conceptual bases and standpoints will enrich me with a proper understanding on how to tackle issues around diplomacy and Islam. This has been a key part of my study at the Faculty of Islamic Studies.
UIII is strategically located near key facilities in Depok, such as the hospital, train station, supermarkets, and other public facilities that can be reached on bicycles provided by the university. So, there is no need to worry about access to various daily necessities.

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