Research at the university engages and is actively included in public debates through publications (respected academic journals and scholarly books) and channels including electronic and social media. The Faculty regularly publishes its biannual scholarly journal Islamic Studies Review (ISR) to provide an update to audiences on current, relevant research and publications around the globe. A key objective of the journal is, of course, to complement the work of existing journals focusing on similar issues around the world

In addition, the Faculty organizes an annual colloquium on Islamic studies. Each year, the colloquium presents various thought-provoking topics related to Islamic studies. The Faculty also includes research grants and awards, partly implemented in various programs including writing competition. The scholarly products of the colloquium and the writing competition will serve as important material for the Islamic Studies Review (ISR).

Current Research Projects within FIS-UIII

1Noorhaidi HasanReligious Moderation among Indonesian Muslim YouthMoRA2022-2024
2Yanwar PribadiGenZ Socio-religious Activism in Solo & Banten: Social Piety, Da‘wa & Religious ModerationUIN Surakarta2021-2022
3Syafiq HasyimTransnational Sharia in Southeast Asia: Study on Effective Fatwa & Fatwa Institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.UIII2022-2023
4Haula Noor, Syamsul RijalCan Extremist Become Moderates? An Analysis of Former Convicted Terrorist Inmates’ View on Wasatiya IslamUIII2022-2023
5Zezen Z. MuttaqinFrom Conventional to Virtual Ngaji: Gen-Xers & Digital Sphere EncounterUIII2022-2023
6Bhirawa AnoragaStaging & Streaming Wasatiyya Islam in Contemporary Digital IndonesiaUIII2022-2023
7Farid F. Saenong, Aria NakissaGlobal Politics of Moderate Islam: Indonesia, Egypt & MoroccoThe H. Luce Foundation, New York2022-2024
8Muh Al-MarakebyThe Domain of Unaddressed & Undetermined Issues (al-Maskūt ʿAnh)Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, Doha2022-2023
9Ilyas MarwalFatwa and Ijtihad on Islamic Economy and BusinessMohammed V University, Rabat2000-2022

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