M.A. Dual Degree

The dual master’s degree program offered by the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) and the HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Centre at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom is a unique and prestigious academic collaboration supported by the Ministry of Religious Affair of the Republic of Indonesia through the Indonesia Bangkit Scholarship (BIB). The initial initiative of this program was funded by the British Council Indonesia under ‘Going-Global Partnership’ program.

This dual master’s degree program combines the expertise of both institutions in the field of Islamic studies. It offers a comprehensive education in classical Islamic studies and contemporary Muslim societies, preparing graduates for various academic and professional roles.

The program structure is designed to offer a rigorous and interdisciplinary curriculum, emphasizing both classical and contemporary approaches to Islamic studies. Students will have the chance to engage with renowned scholars, researchers, and practitioners from both UIII and the University of Edinburgh, benefiting from their diverse perspectives and expertise. This collaborative approach ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that combines the rich Islamic intellectual heritage with contemporary global insights.

Commencing in September 2023, the program is structured to span two years, during which students will split their time between UIII in Indonesia and the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. This arrangement allows students to experience different academic and cultural environments, broadening their horizons and nurturing a global mindset. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded two master’s degrees, MA in Islamic Studies from UIII and MSc in the Globalised Muslim World from the University of Edinburgh. These degrees will not only signify academic excellence but also demonstrate the graduates’ ability to bridge diverse perspectives, apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, and contribute positively to the field of Islamic studies.

The activities of the project will include

  • Four workshops on curriculum development and dual degree planning in 2022 and 2023
  • Joint teaching program.
  • Visiting scholar from the UIII to the UoE (3 scholars).
  • Visiting scholar from the UoE to UIII (2 scholars).
  • Student sandwich program/student exchanges (4 students)
  • International exposure and research development which include conference and public lectures.
  • A joint international conference on East and West approaches in decentering Islamic Studies.

Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum GPA 3.25 scale 4.00
  2. IELTS score 6.5 or International TOEFL (paper-based test) 550+ or (internet-based test) 80+
  3. Administrative requirements are listed at https://bit.ly/BookletBIB.
  4. Admission to the University of Edinburgh will be facilitated by UIII and MORA through a special admission process.

Application Process

  • Registration (5th – 25th June 2023)
  • Administration selection (26th June – 2nd July 2023)
  • Announcement of the outcomes of the administration selection (5th July 2023)
  • Interviews selection (7th – 21st July 2023)
  • Announcement of the scholarship recipients (31st July 2023)

Frequently Asked Question

What is Master Dual Degree Program UIII-UoE?

The Master’s Dual Degree Program (MDDP UIII-University of Edinburgh) is a program in which students will jointly be trained at two universities: Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII) and the University of Edinburgh. Students will spend one year in Depok and one year in Edinburgh and upon the completion of the program, they will get two Master’s degrees, MA in Islamic Studies from UIII and MSc in Globalised Muslim World from the University of Edinburgh.

Will the students admitted to the program receive scholarships?

Students accepted to the program will get a full two years-scholarship, thanks to the full support of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) through the Scholarship of LPDP Beasiswa Indonesia Bangkit (BIB) program.

What does the scholarship cover?

The BIB Scholarship will provide almost all necessary costs for the completion of the degree, following LPDP standards, including tuition fee, living allowance, insurance, returned ticket to Edinburgh, and settlement cost. The scholarship will not cover family allowance and other expenses related to the awardees’ family. 

How students can apply for the program?

To apply for the program, students must follow the selection process jointly organized by MoRA and UIII. The application should be submitted through the dedicated website at https://beasiswa.kemenag.go.id/. For detailed guidelines on how to apply, please refer to the general guideline available at https://bit.ly/BIBRegistrationGuide or https://bit.ly/BookletBIB. Additionally, you can find the technical guideline specific to applying through the BIB website at https://bit.ly/GuidlineDualMasterUIII-Edinburgh.

Can candidates also apply for the regular MA program at UIII at the same time just in case they fail in the rigorous selection process of the MA Dual Degree?

Candidates may apply to both the Dual Master’s Degree program and the regular MA Program at UIII. But please be aware that those programs have two different admission processes. Candidates must apply to both admission processes if they want to apply for both programs. If selected for both programs, candidates must choose only one.

What steps must be taken by the candidate to enroll in this program?

In general, candidates must apply through the above-mentioned website (https://beasiswa.kemenag.go.id/) and must follow and submit all required documents. A joint committee (MORA-UIII) will select shortlisted candidates for interview. Those who are admitted to the program will be contacted individually and through public announcement. Selected students are expected to start their program in September 2023.

Can you explain the timeline and milestones of the program?

The admission process will open throughout the year but the selection process by the committee will be started in June and July annually. Successful applicants will start their program in UIII Depok in September 2023. From September 2023 to August 2024, students will have a rigorous one-year study at UIII. In the first year of study at UIII, students must already have a solid draft thesis proposal. In September 2024, students will start their studies in Edinburgh, and they are expected to stay there until June/July 2025. In June/July 2025, students are expected to return to UIII again to finish the remaining program around August 2025. This timeline may slightly be adjusted following the policy of both universities. Students will get two certificates from two universities. The same pattern will be repeated in the following year’s program.

Who will supervise the student’s thesis?

The students will have a joint supervisor between UIII and UoE. The supervisor will be assigned to each student in the third semester.

How many theses should a student write?

Students are expected to write one thesis of around 30,000 words, submitted to both UIII and UoE. Students in this program will be jointly supervised by faculty members from UIII and the University of Edinburgh. 

Is the program open also to non-Indonesian citizens?

The program is open to anyone regardless of their citizenship status. However, the quote for non-Indonesian applicants is limited.

For further information, please contact Dzakiyyah Fauziyah R.

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