Dr. Muhammad al-Marakeby



Dr. al-Marakeby is a lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII). He is an Azharite scholar who pursued his postgraduate studies in the Western academia. He was awarded his PhD in Islamic studies from the University of Edinburgh. His areas of expertise include Islamic law and modernity, modern Islamic thought, decolonization theory, Islamic history, Muslim-Christian relations, and Islamic theology. Before joining the UIII, he received a visiting research fellowship from the American University in Cairo. He has published various articles in English, Arabic, and Turkish in the topics of Islamic law and women’s ownership of agricultural lands, higher objectives of Islamic law and modernity, Islamic public sphere, Wael Hallaq between the East and the West in addition to other publications on Muslim-Christian relations. He has also presented his works at the universities of California (USA), Leuven (Belgium), Edinburgh (UK), Exeter (UK), Nottingham (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bonn (Germany), and other institutes. His forthcoming monograph is titled, “Non-reformists’s reform: decolonizing the history of Islamic law in nineteenth-century Egypt”.