Dr. Farid F. Saenong



Dr Saenong is a lecturer and the managing editor the Journal of Islamic Studies Review, a journal published by the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII). He obtained his PhD from the Australian National University, and MA from the University of Manchester and Leiden University. He worked as lecturer and researcher at the Binus International University, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Waikato, and the University of New South Wales in Canberra. His research interests include, but are not limited to, Islamic studies, anthropology of Muslim society, deradicalization studies, and text critiques. He has written book chapters and journal articles on these areas.


Relegitimizing Religious Authority: Indonesian Gender-Just ?Ulam?? Amid COVID-19 (2022)

Islam in History and the Future (2019)

Becoming Long-life Learner: Muslims and Pedagogic Tradition. Conference “Religion and Religious Education in Post-modern Era” (2018)

Vernacularising The Holy Scripture: The Translation of the Qur’an in Bugis Makassar Realm (18th-21st Centuries) (2018)

Poppo, Parakang, and the Likes: Cross-generational Treatments on Creatures and Monsters in Bugis- Makassar Realm. The 2017 Anthropology Symposium “Living with Monster” (2017)

Fighting Extremism, Empowering Moderatism: Presenting Moderate Ulama on Social Media. European Association of Southeast Asian Studies (2017)

Maintaining Virtual Home: Social Media and Pesantren Family and Communities. Workshop “Multimedia, Mobility,and the Digital Southeast Asian Family” (2017)

Revisiting the Anthropology of Religion: Towards the Anthropology of Muslim Societies. (2016)

Fighting Violent Extremism: Deradicalisation Projects in Indonesia. Islamic Studies Group Seminar Series (2016)