Bhirawa Anoraga, Ph.D

The Secretary of MA Program


Dr. Anoraga serves as the Secretary of the MA Program and is a lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII). He earned his PhD from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW Canberra. His doctoral thesis, titled “New Media and Social Engagement: The Promotion of Civic Pluralism in Contemporary Indonesia,” delves into the impact of crowdfunding and online philanthropy on social engagement and Islam in Indonesia. Dr. Anoraga also holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Finance from Durham University. His research interests encompass digital Islam, Islamic economy and philanthropy, as well as youth and online movements. Dr. Anoraga has contributed to various journals, including Indonesia and the Malay World, Advances in Southeast Asian Studies, and the Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies.


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