Bhirawa Anoraga, Ph.D

The Secretary of MA Program


Dr. Anoraga is the Secretary of MA Program and a lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII). He holds a PhD from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra. His thesis New Media and Social Engagement: The Promotion of Civic Pluralism in Contemporary Indonesia examines the trend of crowdfunding and online philanthropy on social engagement and Islam in Indonesia. He obtained his Masters degree in Islamic Finance at Durham University. His research interests include digital Islam, Islamic economy and philanthropy, youth and online movements. His forthcoming book, co-authored with Prof. Amelia Fauzia and the STF UIN Jakarta team, is titled Towards Action: Islamic Philanthropy for Social Justice in Indonesia. Besides being active in academic activities, Anoraga is also a consultant in Islamic finance and economic with a recent project in developing sharia product guidelines for policy makers in Central Asian countries.


Sakai, M. and B. Anoraga,‘Education, Digital Enterprise and Islam in the Indonesian Modern Embedded Economy.’ In Muslim Women in the Economy: Development, Faith and Globalization, edited by S. Samani and D. Marinova, pp. 214–28 (2020)